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Water Information System (WIS)

Water Information System (WIS) provides a central access point for water information, transforming the current scenario of fragmented data across sectors and agencies, to a new paradigm of effective data collection, integrated and harmonized data warehouse and dissemination to all users.

Welcome to WIS

The Water Information System (WIS) for Republic of Uganda provides a single-entry point for effective collection, processing and dissemination water resources data. Apart from creating a knowledge base, WIS allows interfacing with standard tools, data processing applications and hydrological design aids. Integrated decision support tools of WIS enable rational water resources planning and management by the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) and its affiliated institutions. Although the WIS aims at providing a central access point for water information, it is not the aim of the system to centralize the physical storage of data and even less so the responsibility for collecting and storing these data. The design of the WIS is such that the data collection and information management mandates of the different institutions and organizations in the water sector remain with respective organizations. These institutions also have the mandate to disseminate information and as such, the WIS acts as a conduit for data dissemination.

Vision of WIS

The ultimate vision of the WIS is to provide a single-entry point for the user (authorized at different levels of access) to

  1. search for the required water-related information (using web-based maps and various user-friendly tools) and know precisely what information exists
  2. to access the information (whether it be reports, data or maps etc) via the WIS portal
  3. to have access to various tools for enhancing the value of these data (report generation, mapping tools, hydrological design aids, decision support systems etc) in the most automated way possible.